Yummy in Seaside

We have awesome restaurants on the Long Beach Peninsula.... but sometimes- you just gotta get out of Dodge!

For a festive anniversary dinner- we headed 30 minutes south to Seaside, OR and the Yummy Wine Bar & Bistro.

This top photo is from their very descriptive web site here. Just imagine the flowers are gone now- and you see the pretty wonderful Starfish lights that line the streets.

Forgive the dark blurry photos...

We started with a complimentary sparkling champagne (our anniversary gift from the owner)- and I continued with a flight of red from Italy. We ordered the hors d'oeuvre platter and enjoyed the lovely art exhibit.

For entrees- Brett had the 'yummy' Venison Stew with pesto potato gnocchi, roasted root vegetables in a cabernet sauvignon rosemary demi glace- I had the Northwest Paella (because I am a Paella Snob)- manila clams, tiger shrimp, chicken, chorizo sausage and peas tossed in saffron rice.

I should mention that when I asked which wine our server would recommend for me- she picked the EXACT wine I was thinking of- (is this a party trick?!) Hullaballoo Zin. Double 'Yummy'.