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Nansen grew up in a small town on the Oregon side of the Columbia River.  She found success working in advertising and later starting her own award winning manufacturing business.  She went on to become a motivational speaker and small business consultant.  After a stint as a political lobbyist, she was ready to trade in the city lights for a 4-wheel drive truck and a razor clam shovel.

Finding a derelict historic home in the middle of the Victorian beach community of Seaview, along the route of the old Clamshell Railroad, it was love at first sight. Nansen and her husband Brett relocated business and home, operating from the quiet rural corner of Southwest Washington’s coast, using technology to maintain the involved lifestyle of the big city. Like her beloved salmon, Nansen had returned home.

Working hard to restore a 110 year old, 6 bedroom Dutch Colonial home with a carriage house, koi pond and large grounds, they are transforming it into a picturesque and magical compound. Nansen maintains a beach lifestyle blog and is active on a half dozen local community boards, including a historic salmon fish hatchery.  She has embraced the familiar small town life where she can ride her beach cruiser to the market or enjoy cocktails on the beach at sunset with her husband. Passionate about salmon, oysters, technology, gin and do-it yourself projects, every day is filled with new endeavors which she documents on her blog.

“Our four children have left the nest to have their own adventures... across the country and globe, meanwhile we are busy reinventing our lives.”