My special Christmas cup. Posted by Hello

Aura's blue nutcracker needs a Moroccan flag! Posted by Hello

Aura's stocking is hung by the chimney with care. Posted by Hello

Christmas Eve home repair...installing new baseboard heaters. Posted by Hello

Coffee table decorations Posted by Hello

Oops, old glass there still...and the mirror is not hung yet.  Posted by Hello

Aura, I hope you enjoy these photos. Please don't be sad when you see them. The house is still under renovation...but some of the many crates of Christmas decorations are out. We love you and miss you...and are so excited to hear about your adventures in Morocco. I decided I need to start a "Wise Men and Camel" collection. I can't wait to visit you and start that collection at the source! Posted by Hello

It's beginning to look like Christmas. You notice from the reflection... tons of work still to do on the house. Posted by Hello

This photo belongs below with the "Santas in the kitchen". Do you see my Moroccan teapot... ready to serve you tea? Posted by Hello

The chairs still need re-upholstering. Posted by Hello

Stairway, little "anniversary corner". Posted by Hello

Tree is still in the middle of the living room. Posted by Hello

Wall isn't finished, but Angels are above the TV armoire. Posted by Hello

Tour of kitchen Posted by Hello

Santas standing guard in the kitchen. Posted by Hello

Santas by the cookbooks Posted by Hello

Kitchen Sink Window Posted by Hello

Snowmen in the Sun Room Posted by Hello