It's a Girl!

Today, Dec. 28th is our Wedding Anniversary. I celebrated by officially adopting my adult stepdaughter (no more)- Paris Riley Lyndsie Malin. I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate our marriage and family.

It's a girl! She is 70 inches, weighs 145 lbs and is currently vaulting over 11 feet. We couldn't be prouder parents!

Judge Mike Sullivan did the honors in the Superior Court Room in South Bend. (afterwards- Brett and Mike went exploring through the Historic Old Courthouse)

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Last Burger Nite of 2006!

Portabello Mushroom (with no bun) Burger.

RD gave Mike and Nancy a Williams Sonoma Train Cake Pan. I have had my eye on that pan!

Catching up on some photos for the blog
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AAUW Meeting

Aura and Paris accompanied me to the American Association of University Women December Meeting.

A men's quartet sang Christmas Songs for the program.
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Picking out Christmas Trees

Paris arrived home late Saturday night. We stayed at my parent's in Portland and headed to Dixie Mountain in the morning... to pick out trees.

Doug, Gail and Saren's house construction is making progress.

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Scenes from the Storm

Seaview was fortunate that none of the historic homes were damaged by fallen trees. It came close to a few of them!

We were without power for 3 days.

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Seaview Dunes

I am sad to report that the effort to preserve The Dunes of Seaview has now ended. Yesterday, our County Commissioners voted to end the building moratorium and therefore, the process is over.

It would have been nice to reach a compromise with the property owners, the Corps of Engineers, State Parks and Pacific County. I completely understand the decision... but also understand the thought behind this land use planning effort. So much of my time in 2006 has been spent with this effort. I have taken hits from both sides- and feel a tinge of pain about being a target. Some say that is a sign of leadership.

I will say, however, that I REALLY LOVE the Dune Trail and plan to get a lot of exercise on it! Posted by Picasa

Holiday Home Tours

The 2nd weekend of December is the time for a few different Home Tours in the area.

The annual Bed & Breakfast Tour- had some company with a new tour benefiting the Boys and Girls Club efforts.

It was a rainy afternoon- we dodged the deer in the road and slipped our shoes off to view a variety of homes. Here are a few photos. (and yes- I have agreed to be on the tour next year)

Happy Birthday to Dad

The guy with the big grin is my father. Today he celebrates his #81 birthday.
Yup, this photo is actually from my first birthday... but there is a cake!