Celebrating our marriage

Our anniversary is today. Brett brought home some lovely flowers that reflect those in my bridal bouquet nine years ago.

Santa filled our stockings- in the wee hours of the morning.
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Dinner at parents in Portland

On Saturday before Christmas, we enjoyed a Rib Roast and Yorkshire Pudding feast at my parent's home in Portland. Aura has become an expert oyster shucker.... they taste great fresh off the grill!

We brought oysters, fresh from Willapa Bay and a fancy ladyfinger cake for dessert.

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my office

Getting things organized in my office. The view from my desk. The stairs on the right go up to the attic room.
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1959. I am making a 'fresh cut' on the tree...while my sister, Laura, holds the tree in place.
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Santa is coming!

I found this among some old papers.
Madison drew this at a very young age. Notice the faint smoke lines running from the chimney. (I am not sure they scanned well. ) He also figured out to have the reindeer running off the page.
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Shooting Stars down the driveway

The Shooting Stars worked out! Aura helped me weld up some stars- then we wrapped them with rope lights using cable ties. The dangling tails are regular light strands. Brett hung them up. One is on the flag pole. I need to photo them during dusk- so you can see the trees. I just used my Blackberry to quickly photo these in the wind and rain.

While welding- I had a flashback of all those snowflakes I welded up for the Beverly Hills Hotel- they put lights on them. I had totally forgotten about them. I guess now days- all that stuff is outsourced to China. Flash from the past- and I realize how much I miss parts of that life. I am getting ideas for a big scene in the front lot. Watch out! I was also thinking that a control panel would be super. hhhmm, then music and animation. Madison... I need some help!

More wind?!?

More wind with gusts of 70 mph are expected tomorrow with heavy rain and more RAIN!
At least 70 mph feels weak compared to Dec 2 and 3 winds.
I think we have had our quota of wind and rain.
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Even the exercise room is decorated! Check out Aura's Marine Nutcracker.
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We still have work to do in our bedroom, especially the ceiling. But the tree looks nice and notice the Moroccan Wedding Blanket on our bed.

The tree has 2 tops!

Sunday morning Santa at Sids

We were out of cream for our Sunday morning coffee... so I pulled on my flowered rubber boots, grabbed my long wool coat- because I was still in my nightclothes...and dashed off to Sid's. Who should I spy? Santa! Sitting among Pepsi cartons!
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Paperwhites in waiting

In an attempt to prolong the life of the paperwhites which grace the fireplace mantel and dining table.... I gathered them up for a short stay in the entry sunroom which is cooler. I forced the paperwhites early for the tour- and used white shells to hold the little bulbs in place in the clear vases. I read that adding Vodka to the water- would stunt their growth... but that didn't really work out for me. Maybe it was the Finlandia- these must be leggy Finnish Paperwhites.

This next Sunday we will have round 2 of the tour- which is an extension due to the storm.
*note- we are expecting another 'little wind storm' of 65 mph winds on Sunday!
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