Shooting Stars down the driveway

The Shooting Stars worked out! Aura helped me weld up some stars- then we wrapped them with rope lights using cable ties. The dangling tails are regular light strands. Brett hung them up. One is on the flag pole. I need to photo them during dusk- so you can see the trees. I just used my Blackberry to quickly photo these in the wind and rain.

While welding- I had a flashback of all those snowflakes I welded up for the Beverly Hills Hotel- they put lights on them. I had totally forgotten about them. I guess now days- all that stuff is outsourced to China. Flash from the past- and I realize how much I miss parts of that life. I am getting ideas for a big scene in the front lot. Watch out! I was also thinking that a control panel would be super. hhhmm, then music and animation. Madison... I need some help!