10 years and counting.

10 years ago- Brett and I said 'I do' -we joined together in the Sacrament of Marriage AND merged our families. (the kids still refer to it as OUR wedding)

We were both single parents- with full time custody. One boy each- one girl each. Same ages.

The short version of this story is that our daughters- played parent trap. While we were mad for other each immediately- after 3 weeks- we both realized that we were not ready to remarry. Doesn't every divorced person have a failure/horror story? We made the decision to date others and not be serious.

With our children the same ages- (boys the same) (girls the same).... we remained friends for the next 4 years. One fine day in August of 1998- Brett showed up at my door- and asked, "how come we aren't dating?" I couldn't remember... and so he promptly asked me to "go steady'...and then a few months later proposed.

Our courtship went on the fast track- his kids immediately jumped for joy and moved into my house the very next day! (Brett wasn't allowed to- you know you have to set a good example for young teens!) A few months later- we had a wonderful romantic Christmas wedding.

Two years ago, 2006- I was lucky enough to formally adopt our youngest-Paris. Though she was 21 at the time- it was something we were finally able to do- and we picked our anniversary as the most perfect date to celebrate.