County Courthouse in South Bend

Yesterday I had a meeting up in South Bend. The Voter Disability Advisory Board met to look at some new technology. We meet at the Auditor's Office which is at the Courthouse.

This building is on the National Historic Register and is known for it's domed stained glass top. (the top photo is from the EDC web site here)

"Once described as a "gilded palace of extravagance," the 1910 courthouse is an excellent example of Second Renaissance Revival architechture.

The rotunda is lit by a stained glass dome 35 feet in diameter." (quote from here)

The very last historical photo is of the courthouse prior to 1910- however, those of us who live in the south end of the county know the rest of the story....

Oysterville was the county seat from 1854 until 1893- when in the dark of night- the county files were STOLEN and rowed across the Willapa Bay to South Bend.

To this day- we are known to say -"I am getting my boat- who is joining me to take back the county seat?"
We just get cranky that way.