2008 in review

2008 began and ended with some unexpected twists & turns. Life is what you make of it and the obstacles that seemed overwhelming- had a way of making life sweeter. We focused on the outcome and celebrated the successes on the way. Early this past year, when faced with some medical situations- I had an opportunity to re-group and re-evaluate. Then I continued to re-invent. I was able to take inventory of what is really important to me. I am stronger and more determined to continue chasing those goals and dreams that speak to my heart. 2009 will see more progress in these areas. Stay tuned for new announcements... as well as more photos and entries about the local area AND my adventures.
Note- as the year ended... we are especially jumping for joy with success in our Seaview Dunes Preservation activities, the Coastal CAP wind turbines (should be online by fall 09), political party organization (re-elected Chair of the local GOP), the Salmon Hatchery has 2 major projects in full swing (a viaduct passway and a new diversion/fish ladder) with Chinook River rehab, I am healthy and have started a new fitness plan. (more on that later) Also, I am fully immersed in Web 2.0 projects, including twitter. I have joined even more local and state boards- and we are really looking forward to watching our adult children as they reach milestones in achieving their dreams.
Thanks for visiting my blog- and check back often! If you are visiting the area-send me an email- or just drop on by (beach etiquette). Brett & I would love to get to know you!