We love our Razor Clams!

This stunning photo is by Chinook Observer Photojournalist- Damian Mulinix. It was on the front page of the newspaper this week. You can order a print of it by clicking HERE.

Last weekend was a razor clam dig- and life at the beach can pretty much revolve around our beloved razor clams.

"As the sun started to set last weekend, familiar smells and sounds swept over the near-silent beaches along the Peninsula — the smell of gas lanterns, the sound of rubber boots squeaking and sloshing through the wet sand. All this in search of an ellusive treat — razor clams. Particularly calm weather greeted folks as they drove and walked down to the shore, lamp in one hand, clam gun or shovel in the other. And as the sun eased into the sea as the tides rolled away, the sky’s colors came alive, reflected on the ground they were digging. "

Readers of the newspaper also found another great little story.

Up in Oysterville, Haley went clam digging for the first time with her father. She sent in a photo of her prize. This was her first solo clam!

"Haley says she and her dad each got their limits of clams while out by the Oysterville approach. They appropriately named the big clam "The Big Kahuna." "Too bad the other ones weren't as big as this one! That would have been awesome!" she added."