Illegal Dune Grass Cutting

Along the Discovery Trail... a certain homeowner... has illegally cut dune grass in violation of the Shorelines Master Program. The Wa State Dept of Ecology has confirmed this and it is up to Pacific County to enforce this violation. (about 47th and K)

The second photo is from the Discovery Trail and out to the mean high tide- right up to the water. I am most confused about how this makes any sense. I doesn't really enhance his view. His house is wayyyyy up there - 800 -or so feet from the trail.. and the trail is a few hundred feet from the water. He has mowed thru the wetlands with a riding machine that much like a small tractor/combine.

I am all for property rights. This is not an issue of property rights. The Shorelines Master Program was in effect prior to his land purchase. There are wetlands here... and there are issues with erosion and safety.

I defend his right to log (by hand) trees off his land. That is a good idea. Our dunes are filled with trees that need thinning/removing. If only for the fire safety.

However, this idea of dune grass cutting is silly... and I am not sure what he is trying to prove.
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