Hewitt House in Seaview by the Sea

Last night, Brett & I spent some time visiting with John & Dodi who own The Hewitt House.

Built in 1887 by JK Gill (of Portland Stationery fame) as a family summer home. The additional 'Last Resort Cottage' was partially built from the salvage of the 1904 shipwrecked 'Frank W Howe'.

John & Dodie are the 3rd generation owners of property and they have been busy upgrading the cozy and historic vacation rentals. Consisting of 2 houses (and laundry, picnic area- plus many surprises) Wi Fi has been installed and they are upgrading the (already pretty nice) kitchens.

The location is the farthest west- just off the Seaview Beach Approach. Be sure to check out the fab slide show with some pretty cool photos of things to see and do in the area.

Did I mention it is just a few doors away from our place? I get to see a lot of rentals around here- and this is one I would put my own guests in. In fact, I think my guests can stay at my house and I will go over there!