ANOTHER Small dock washes ashore on Long Beach Peninsula

From the local paper: Small dock washes ashore on Long Beach Peninsula - Chinook Observer: Free

The press release from the Sheriff's office has a bit more information.

Long Beach, WA. – On June 20th, 2012 the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office was advised that more suspected Japanese Tsunami debris had been discovered on the beach between the city of Long Beach and the Cranberry Beach access road about five miles north of the city of Long Beach. The Sheriff’s Office received information from the department of ecology stating that a person had been recreating on the beach on June 19th during the early evening hours and located several items.

The suspected items were described as a dock that was about the size of a “pickup truck”, a refrigerator, a small television and what appeared to be a “seven foot long section of a small aircraft fuselage”. They noted several other noteworthy items such as light bulbs of various sizes and colors being scattered along the beach. Pacific County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the reported area and discovered the dock in question just north of the Cranberry Beach access road on the beach. Other smaller debris was noted but no metal fuselage was located. Deputies continued to check the beach area for other items but nothing was located.