Santa is here and so is the snow.

This photo with Santa and the puppy- was taken by Chinook Observer photojournalist- Damian Mulinix (yes, I do like his photos). The people who live here at the beach LOVE their pets. So Santa comes to visit the pets every year to ask what they want for Christmas. Brett made a quick trip to Dennis Co for some nails- and the place was packed with pets waiting to see Santa.

Today I dashed out in the snow flurries- to stock up on groceries at Sid's Market. Good thing I went- 'cause I would have missed the Pepsi Santa who comes every year. (see last Dec post)

And what was up with all the traffic driving down our driveway and slowly past the house? It seems the Holiday Home Tour had the wrong number listed on the map- (We were on the tour last year). Brett scribbled a note and made the correction. Hard to see in the snow flurries though.

Finally- after taking a quick look at the beach in this freezing and windy weather... I am so NOT going clam digging tonight!