Sky is falling in Seaside

Good Grief! This news just in....(from Daily Astorian) Seaside, Oregon

SEASIDE - Operators of the Worldmark Wyndham Vacation Resort closed all of the resort's balconies and roped off the sidewalks under them after pieces of concrete started falling from some balconies Tuesday. ....

"We have closed all the balconies and all the common amenities, sidewalks and streets adjacent to the building," said Lisa Burby, spokeswoman for Wyndham Vacation Ownership.

A portion of a sidewalk on Broadway under the resort was roped off, and most of the stores were closed until it could be determined if the balconies are safe or until scaffolding and netting are put in place to protect pedestrians, said Bob Mitchell, director of building and code enforcement for the city of Seaside. ...

It appears that moisture accumulated behind the balconies and expanded after it was frozen. Once the moisture thawed, the concrete loosened and pieces fell, Mitchell said.
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