Christmas Home Tour coming up on Sunday

Down the street- a few blocks- the Frost home is looking more festive than usual. Susi Frost always creates the picture perfect scene at her historic home... but I noticed it was extra specially attractive lately. Remember the Home Tour we were featured on last year? Well this year there are two homes from Seaview in the Christmas Tour. Here is the write-up about the Frost home from the local newspaper:

Bob and Susi Frost purchased their Seaview "Happy Cottage" in 2002.

Susi explains, "A Portland family built this simple home in the 1890s. They traveled on the clamshell railroad to reach their beach cottage, which in those days was actually right on the beach. In 1917 the north jetty was built to stabilize the Columbia River channel. The jetty directed river sediment north creating the dunes, which today span a quarter mile to the beach."

The cottage's vintage, whimsical décor is a result of the Frosts' transformation and was featured in the July 2008 issue of Country Sampler magazine. Much of Susi's colorful vintage and mid-century items have been glorious finds from thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets.

Guests will enjoy discovering the themed rooms throughout the house, such as a circus-inspired bedroom, the sunroom dedicated to the Dutch, a love-themed laundry room, the homey master bedroom, and a bedroom featuring Susi's collection of New York memorabilia. Each room will be decorated for the holiday season with lights, candles, fresh greenery, vintage Christmas figurines, linens and homemade felt and sequin ornaments.

Behind the cranberry swags and white picket fence, Elmer the Elm Tree is also decked with holiday spirit as he greets guests from the front yard.

"We also have a fairy who lives here," Susi smiles. "She leaves little gifts for the kids."

See if you can find the fairy's pint-sized cottage during your visit.

(photos- the top one from Damian Mulinix of the Chinook Observer. The bottom one I took last March.)