Emergency Warning from County Emergency Management

The Pacific County Emergency Management Agency (PCEMA) staff just completed a conference call with the National Weather Service, Portland Office. The prediction for the next week indicates that winter is here and indicates the following details for the coastal areas:

Friday 10AM: Winds will be intensifying to a high wind warning range with 30– 40 mph sustained and 60 – 70 mph gusts. The winds will be southerly, which is a typical condition when Pacific County experiences a windstorm. Predictions for this event do not indicate greater than “normal” rainfall.

Friday 10PM: The storm will continue to intensify but becomes unique in that the wind will shift to the northwest. This is an unusual circumstance that will bring cold air and will result in 2 – 3 ft. of snow in the central state areas.

Note for the Willapa Hills: winds in the Willapa Hills will be 30 – 40 mph with gusts to 65 mph. 7 – 15” of snow is expected to accumulate over Friday and Saturday.

Saturday Morning: Fairly windy, but below high wind warning criteria. Snow will be falling at the 1000’ level and there will be extremely high surf – 25’ breakers. The rain will be cold and the snow level will be going down, and there may be a rain/snow mix.

Sunday Morning: The rain will likely stop, and a dry very cold system will set in with temperatures in the teens to 20’s. There is tremendous uncertainty in terms of precipitation as there is another low pressure zone approaching the coast. The weather service is unable to pinpoint the tracking of that system and it is possible that it will stay off the coast and then drop into Oregon. However, if it does track into Washington, the snow accumulations will obviously change.

Monday – Thursday of next week: Temperatures will remain with lows in the teens and highs in the 20’s. There is the potential for a third low pressure system to arrive on Thursday, but it is too soon to look at that possibility in detail.
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