Good facials, bad martinis

We missed going to the (Astoria) Schooner all summer. When the Holens decided not to renew the restaurant space lease (and focus on their Baked Alaska Restaurant and Cooking School)- the local food critics assured us all that Hotel Elliot had kept the good things (martinis and menu) the same- and upgraded a bit in the already very nice decor.

It was on a Wednesday- and (gasp) we decided to have our burger night at The Schooner- after late shopping for Thanksgiving groceries. Brett looked at the clock and said we could still make it to our usual The Depot Burger Night. But I said that The Schooner has great burgers (buffalo) and besides- I was really craving their fantastic and (locally) famous martini. It had been since early summer since we stopped in.

I was happy to see Frida- who works at Poshe Salon. She tends bar in the evening. Frida gives great facials. She is so cheery and upbeat- perfect for a bartender.

But the menu had changed. It was pretty and informational (about the history)- but no Buffalo Burger. I settled on Angus Sliders with Blue Cheese. They were actually pretty yummy. It is on the appetizer menu. Brett had the appetizer tempura lamb chops-served in a Marguerita glass. interesting. Kind of tasty.

I ordered my Blue Sapphire Martini. hhhmmm. warning flag was when asked, "Dry?" I smiled, thinking 'duh'. They should name this martini- "Lamaze Special".... it was filled with chipped ice!!! OK, my births were C-sections- but I took the natural childbirth class... and to this day- when someone is whining about how hard the work is- I ask if they want me to feed them chipped ice. (for those metaphor challenged- the husband/father feeds chipped ice to the mom while she is in labor and doing all the work)

If I wanted my gin on ice- I would order it that way. And it doesn't get served 'up'. We will be back at The Depot next Wednesday.