Fiddler on the Roof

We finally got to see the PAPA (Peninsula Area Performing Arts) production of Fiddler. Last year they performed it up at Fort Columbia- and this year the Hilltop School remodel was finished- so it was in the auditorium. Gosh we missed that auditorium space!

The great thing about this community theater is that you have all ages working together. You also have retired theater professionals (who have moved to the beach) and the generations of locals. The fisherman, home-school kids and regular school kids. The oystermen, crabbers, cranberry growers and all- singing and dancing with the benefit of professional volunteers who pull together a great show.

Everything about the show was impressive- from the original Broadway choreography, staging, props and of course- the singing. Where else do you see a venerable oysterman (Dobby Wiegardt) singing and dancing on stage with his 4 granddaughters?