If it's Wednesday, it must be Burgers.

Wednesday Night is Burger Night at The Depot. During the off-tourist season- The Depot holds their fabulous and yummy Burger Night. They added Buffalo Burgers (low fat) and Sweet Potato Fries (justified by ordering Buffalo Burgers)

The usual elegant and very nice menu is set aside (but you can still order oysters, chowder and salad)- for Burgers with anything you want on top. I usually have a Portabello Mushroom instead of a burger- but the Buffalo Burgers are great. Brett and I share an order of fries.

We arrive later in the evening. Around 8pm- so we can chat late into the night with the owners (Michael & Nancy) and other locals. The weekly newspaper comes out that day and current local events are a lively topic. Especially Brett's letters to the editor.

Michael added the Sweet Potato Fries a few weeks ago. Since we are the last ones to arrive- for our standing table reservation.... he was sold out! WHAT?! I had to take a photo and Michael promises to never let that happen again! You should come join us!