Lincoln Day Dinner frenzy

Our county dinner is this Saturday. We are dashing about... pulling together all the final arrangements and work. Our county does not have a large restaurant to cater... We hold it up in South Bend at the Willapa Harbor Community Building... which is a beautiful restored historical building.

Aura is making the cutest decor for the tables. I am getting all things into the vehicles. We have to drive over one hour. The caterer did this as a volunteer (out of retirement)... and we have to help her bring in all the items. She is getting the food from Olympia... (she lives in South Bend) and I am driving up from the beach today and tomorrow to decorate and set things set up. Tomorrow is the big day. 150 people. Speakers, food, drinks and a silent auction.

Should have some fun photos.. but no time to post until after the event.
Will return on Sunday...
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