Tokugawa in Astoria

Last year, a new antiques shop opened in Astoria. (It is located right across from Burger King.) It isn't on Commercial Street-the main drag- and actually the parking on the hill is a little bit challenging....(except they do have a nice parking lot on the east side.) Although not located in an area where you usually get out of your car... the window display is inviting and I have always been a bit curious. Last year- the upholstery shop moved upstairs and a very nice looking Japanese Antique place moved in. I always wanted to stop in- and today while on errands with Brett- we popped in for a peek around. WOW! How cool is this place!

I immediately called E- cause Madison would like it too. They have a web site- Tokugawa Antiques and also sell on eBay. If I am not mistaken- it seems the prices in the retail store were less than on the web.

The first thing I noticed when I walked in- was a little cast iron Akita statute. She reminded me of our beloved Kyoko. Then the crate of laquerware, then the Buddas, the stone work, the metal work, the Tansu cabinets, the textiles, the Taiko drums.... the list goes on. This is the new Christmas present store.

I have no idea what I would do with a crate full of old pretty porcelain sake bottles...but couldn't you imagine them with a flower in each bottle...sitting in the crate on a big table? for around $150? Love it! There is Japanese lettering on the crate too!

Sorry about photo quality. My blackberry was the method.

One of our errands today was searching for a thin leather cord- because Brett has purchased a 300 year old Samurai Sword... (finally-victory on eBay!) But that is another story.