Sunset and take-out on the beach

Terriyaki in Ocean Park. The nearest terriyaki place.
Sometimes Brett and I crave some terriyaki. (well, Brett craves it all the time)
We drive up to Ocean Park. Across from Jacks Country Store is Aileen's Fried Chicken. You either call before you make the drive- or order and go kill about 30 minutes (they make it fresh).... usually over at Jacks.

Then we take our yummy terriyaki and drive out on the beach. We like to park in front of Dad's old house off the Oysterville beach approach. We watch the sun set on the waves, laugh at the dogs and kids playing on the beach... how come dogs like to carry 8 ft sticks? the smaller the dog- the longer the stick they drag down the beach!?

There are still large tree stumps washed up on shore from the storm. I usually tell Brett another story about when Dad and Vi lived here. He has heard them all before...but listens like it is the first time he has heard.

Since it is winter. We stay in the car. Everyone here loves that we can drive the entire length on the beach sand. A 4 wheel drive is a must have vehicle. Next month they will close the area around Long Beach off to driving. Too many tourists walking along the beach.
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