Columbia Forum

Food for the mind. Every month the Columbia Forum Dinner Club hosts a speaker. It is held at the Seafood Consumer Center in Astoria.

This month the speaker was the President of the Janus Corp. - a non-profit that handles 'at risk' kids. He spoke on Organizational Change in relation to non-profit groups.

David and Laurie invited me- as I sit on a few non-profit boards and the topic was very relevant.

The food was delicious. Appetizers of oysters with puff pastry, calamari and I chose a Panther Creek Pinot. Dinner was King Salmon with squash, corn relish, asparagus with black-eyed peas and a cheese biscuit. Dessert was a yummy carmel apple pie. The crust was awesome.

The audience was equally filling. Many business owners and very credible professionals.