In case of fire, use the stairs.

This photo deserves some explanation. Taken with cell phone... we are in Lynnwood, north of Seattle. Brett is here for meetings and I came along for company, to pick up Madison's vehicle at the airport parking and to enjoy running water in a cozy nice room at The Embassy Suites. I am watching the Seahawks game. See the laptop at bottom of photo. Last night the fire alarm went off (1:30am). no fire..but some sprinklers did go off. Long night and long story...but a guy jumped from 3rd floor. No one knows why. We all watched and could not believe it. He died. No one has slept... the cleaning crews are sucking up the water, the alarm kept going off...and by the way, the bathtub was too icky to bathe in. Needless to say, yup...they reduced our bill. We cant wait to drive 5 or 6 hours home via road detours (still raining, mudslides and flooding) to our quiet little house in Seaview.