The Rolling Stones in Portland

(Disclaimer: these poor quality photos were taken without flash by my little razor cell phone)

After returning from the weekend in Michigan... I picked up my father and we went to see Madison who was in town with the Stones. Grandpa finally got to see what Madison does.

Madison gave Grandpa a tour of all the backstage workings. Those video walls behind them are what Madison is responsible for.
After hanging out on the tour bus for a beer... we went back to Grandpa's... then my brother, Doug, joined me as guests in a nice suite during the actual concert.

I did not expect to love the show... but I did!!
Mick Jagger is fabulous and sings and dances incredibly. They sang every word, played every note... and put the younger entertainers to shame. Mick is the NEW 60!! He might look old and wrinkly in photos... but you should see him strut and prance about the stage!! WOW!!