Our cat, Calypso, has big friends.

Last night I was sitting near the television, catching up on the news. Bang, bang, a loud ruckus out on the new porch by the window. I jump up and turn on the light to look..... deer eyes staring at me! It seems Brett has put the porch right where they look in the window for the cat.

Later, I go in the kitchen... yikes, someone is staring in the window... deer again! And still later, I load more wood into the fireplace.... and I could swear I have someone looking at me... yup... the deer. Our cat is pleased and begs to go outside. When Brett returns home from the office (across the street)... it is late and he remarks that the deer walked up the driveway ahead of him.

Today, I am seated in the kitchen... working away on the laptop. Suddenly a scratch and bang on the window!! The votive candle on the window ledge is knocked off! I look up to see the male deer peering into the window. Startled... I quickly look for the camera...which is still packed in luggage from the weekend. By the time I find the camera... he is out by the driveway and staring at the cat who is keeping out of the rain by hanging out under Madison's big rig. Perhaps she is uncertain about those antlers and wants to keep her distance.