Charming Seaview Inn has Groupon special - what a deal!

Just a few blocks north of us - is the Historic Shelburne Inn.  I was speaking with David this morning and he mentioned the phone is ringing off the hook from their Groupon offer.  So I hopped over to Groupon to check it out.  Wow, what a deal! 2 nights with wine and other goodies.

The Shelburne has a long history and it was built by Seaview founder's son-in-law, Charles Beaver.  Beaver built our home too.  We share many of the architectural features and we love exploring The Shelburne Inn - to solve our own home mysteries as we work to restore our own historic home.
Enjoy the photos - credit to Groupon where I grabbed them to post.  I am certain that Laurie (David's spouse and hard working Inn Keeper) took the photos.  She is a master with the camera.

If you decide to visit Seaview - be sure to let us know. ~Nansen