Peace, Love and Oysters

The annual South Bend, Washington -'Come and Play on Labor Day' parade is held on the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend. One lane of Highway 101 is closed while the 2 mile parade of floats and vehicles pass out candy and wave to the families sitting curbside.

This year's theme was Peace, Love and Oysters.    

Our entry is usually our pickup decorated with political signs. 

This creative entry was for the local gal running for city council - she filled her pickup with oysters, crab pots, fishing nets and a clever 'South Bend' sign.

Where else do you see a grown man in Lion- jammies - padding down Hwy 101 in some pretty warm sunshine? 

We always stay to enjoy the Salmon Dinner by the Chinook Nation.  One of the drawbacks of being in the parade is that you don't get the parade handouts.  This year the Chinook Nation gave away little jars of fresh blackberry jam.  It would have been yummy on the Chinook Fry Bread.

The parade staging area is located around the residential streets.  Happlily, we were parked in front of a luscious blackberry bush in a vacant lot - calling our names! Yum!