I really want to go to Gnomedex 9.0

**UPDATE** Yay!! I won!! Watch for my posts from Gnomedex 9.0

Remember last Sept when we ventured to BlogWorldExpo? I wrote a few posts about it here and here. I confess that I was soooo busy learning and networking that I didn't blog it justice. The experience was fabulous and I can't wait to return this year! I learned so much!

Not to mention, while I signed up on Twitter in April 2008. It wasn't until BlogWorldExpo that I began to get a glimpse of the power of Twitter. Look at me NOW! I am one of the Twitter Elite with over 115,000 followers! Who would think that from my little home office on the coast of SW Washington State- I would have a voice across around the globe!? I am honored by the relationships I have developed on Twitter, Facebook and from my little personal blog.

Many of you know that Brett and I moved full-time to our Seaview beach home after our youngest went away to college. We own a business that processes market research and public opinion survey statistics for a national client base. We can do this because of technology.

One of the lonely things about living remotely is that I don't get to network in person with fellow techies. The perfect opportunity to do this is going to happen in just a few days up at Gnomedex 9.0 in Seattle. I procrastinated...and didn't purchase a ticket. Boohoo... now all the Full-Access passes are sold out!

Except- WOW- while reading the BlogWordExpo Blog- THEY ARE GIVING AWAY A FREE PASS!! I just have until NOON to enter!! Can I do it?

It is time for me to kick into gear...and learn all I can about social media. My blog needs to go to the next level. I can tweet and post and bring all of you along with me!

Who would think that an older #TROT (Top Redhead on Twitter) would get to hang out with all the cool techies? AND the real reason I really must attend GNOMEDEX 9.0? I need more swag. My wardrobe needs a makeover.