Mr. Kramer continues to defy stop work order and ignores all regulations.

Remember Mr. Kramer? He hasn't gone away. Here is the post with the original stop work order. (Note: I believe in property rights. However the rules/regulations must be followed and this property is smack in the middle of really really WET wetlands. This is also on the accreted Duneland - that is already eroding.) I would also say that Kramer has a right to build- provided he does it legally.

This morning, after the neighbors called... exclaiming Kramer was trespassing over TWO properties and building illegally... I grabbed the little flip camera to do some citizen journalism in the Seaview Dunes.

By the way, he has no permits, has been told to stop, and yet is determined to continue. He purchased the land - knowing he was unable to build. He even had the honor of having the Corps of Engineers refuse his survey and wetland delineation... yet he persists. The County has not issued him permits.

The County Community Development Office had people on vacation today and originally told the neighbors that nothing could be done today. I made a few calls... and the county inspector arrived with the Sheriff...

Oh yeah... should also mention - it does seem that he is actually trying to build his housing foundation on State Parks Land. Sigh... need another survey.
(photo credit to my neighbor- John)