NOTE: Should I receive the courtesy of ANY communication from the ASTORIA FORD Dealer owner...or salesmanager... I will print an update. I WANT to like Astoria Ford. I know that defective lemon cars can happen. I also know that car sales is about customer service. In the event of a defective vehicle- how you treat a customer is important. I also know that many others are experiencing a lack of customer courtesy at this dealership. Even those with perfect cars.

Remember my "Car Story"? When I purchased it? HERE>>> When at 3K miles I had to have a new rear axle put in? HERE>>>>. It isn't over yet. Now I have terrible terrible grinding noise and jerking in the rear wheel/axle area. It is a random occurance. It scares the #%$* out of me and my passengers! Especially when you are on the winding roads around the Willapa Bay Oyster Beds.

I understand that statistically you can get a bad vehicle. What I do NOT understand lies, rudeness and really poor customer service. I do not understand sales people who lie to close the sale and I do not understand sales managers and dealership owners who act like you do not exist.
I will mention that the SERVICE PEOPLE- including STEVE THE SERVICE MANAGER have been really great to me so far today. (of course, Ford Corporate did call them directly and tell them to arrange a loaner) They were not the ones to do the first repair -because it happened hours from home.

I will also say that @ScottMonty of Ford and @FordCustService (Lynn and Shawn) are very helpful. I appreciate their fast fast response and helping me to get a loaner car. (These are my twitter friends) But- why did they even have to intervene? Why does Astoria Ford make life so miserable for their customers? I just sat in the very filthy- super filthy service waiting room- and listened to story after story from unhappy customers. Who BY THE WAY- told me that when I drove up- the sales people on the floor were loudly speaking in disparaging words- about me. A quote from one man (who lives in my community), "I knew they had another sucker that they had screwed over and lied to- just like me. You should hear what they were saying." I heard story after story- of customer service issues that could have been resolved with returning phone calls, actually speaking to someone, and treating the customer with respect. The word on the street was quoted to me in the waiting room by another customer. "They will say anything to get you to purchase, then they ignore you and go back on their promises." Yup. That is how I feel too. How sad that these people felt joy that I was in their same shoes. They knew they were not alone.

I haven't mentioned the harrassing phone calls for referrals. I have asked them- put me on your DO NOT CALL list... yet for some reason the saleskid actually thinks I would refer people to him. My first real warning sign came- when they ignored me- and only spoke to my husband- 'what are you looking for in a car?' I was the one sitting in the drivers seat. The car was for me.

I wanted to support a local business. I wanted to buy American. I wanted to drive to a dealer who was within 1/2 hour from me. I really regret doing this. I would rather drive 3 hours to the city... and be able to actually speak to a human... and sit in a clean room, be treated with an ounce of respect and feel like I count as a customer. I can't believe I am saying this- but I miss LandRover. They could be rude- but their rudeness came with class and afterall- they felt it was their car- and that I wasn't taking good enough care of their baby- it would drive me crazy. They would let me know that I was driving a Landrover...and that with it came responsibilities- like driving 3 hours for service.

This is where it is as of 2pm on Monday. Ford Corporate graciously arranged for a loaner vehicle so I am taken care of. (thanks to TWITTER- no thanks to the dealer) They are trying to find out the cause of the problem. Still no word from the owner or sales manager of the local dealership. I have left multiple messages and asked in person for a call. You would think that considering the challenges of today's economy- the car dealers would care about their customer.
This is an example of why we should not have bail out money! Businesses should reap what they sow. Bad business practices= no return customers.
4pm update: Just heard from Steve in Service. Nice guy. NOW my truck is not doing the grinding jerking thing. They will keep it overnite and try to get it to do it in the morning. I am pleased that he is communicating.