I just (at 4:05pm today) received a call from the owner of the dealership. He was very nice and said he was upset regarding my problems. Yesterday I had taken my truck back home- since the service department couldn't 'hear' the problem. I wasn't happy about it...but since there was no 'audible evidence' of a problem... well ok. Well... it wasn't ok. I was pretty upset- but resigned myself to the situation. grudgingly and complaining to my husband most of the evening.

When the owner FINALLY called (by the way, saying he had never received any messages that I called or asked for him) (hhmm, that is what the 2 other guys in the waiting room said he told them too) Anyway, he was very very cordial and seemed concerned. I told him I had to drive to Leavenworth on Friday morning... and he suggested I switch cars back... and not take the problem car (intermittent problem car) on my long drive. So, I will have a loaner and hopefully as he drives my car around himself- the 'klunk and vibration that 'shakes your butt' (my passenger said) and the grinding noise will happen and they can figure out the problem. It only has 7,500 miles on it. A new rear axle was put in at 3,000 miles.

One more note: Ford Customer Service (in Detroit) are being super super great and calling & tweeting me -constantly to check on the progress.

What am I doing in Leavenworth? The WA State Repubican Party Executive Board Retreat. Watch for a fun post about that event!