Busy Birthday

It was my birthday last Thursday. I have been blessed with all kinds of wonderful greetings, gifts and activities. My Father sent this photo of my 5th birthday to me. We lived in Duluth and I felt pretty special with that rose corsage and doll cake.

The photo has mud on it- a result of being flooded in 1964 (Salem OR). Our childhood photos all have that tinge of mud speckles and are a bit warped from sitting in Willamette River water. We didn't get FEMA funds or emergency declarations for government $ either. Everyone just pitched in and helped each other out.

Anyway, (I will keep the political comments for my yet to be political blog)- I am happy to show what #5 looked like. For #55- we went off to pick out a brand new iphone and then Happy Hour at Baked Alaska in Astoria.