Seaview at the Inauguration

The backstory: as I was searching for a photo for this post- I ran across a blog that showed a picture of our house. The blogger wrote, "This is where the Republican family on the Long Beach Peninsula lives." (you can see the entire quote HERE- and be sure to catch my comment at the bottom) She doesn't live in Seaview. But here in Seaview- we have dear neighbors and they all accept us as vital members of the community. We work together to create a great quality of life. Our relationships transcend the divisions of politics.

David Campiche and Laurie Anderson own the Historic Shelburne Inn. One of the joys of living here is the ability to stop by the Inn for a fresh cup of coffee and conversation with David or Laurie. David and I plot and scheme on Seaview Dune Preservation, the Chinook Historical Fish Hatchery, recipes, the latest news and political stories. We are, however, on opposite sides of politics. That did not stop the excitement when they shared that Congressman Baird had gifted them with tickets for the Inauguration. Everything fell into place as they secured flights and lodging for the historic occasion.

As I watch the television coverage- seeing the mass of humanity on the Capital Grounds- I wonder if I can catch a glimpse of them. Seaview is represented at the Inauguration! Congratulations to President Obama and how cool David & Laurie get to be there in DC.