Medical care at the beach.

This past week- one of my daughters (age 23)(and a tough cookie)... was seriously ill with major flu symptoms. I mean really really sick. Being a good steward of our health insurance- we waited and waited until she could be seen at the health clinic. The Doctor promptly sent her to emergency. She has recovered- but I got to thinking of a post about our health care at the beach.

This is an issue here... It is quite common to hear about someone moving closer to medical care in the city.

So- I am thinking about the history of hospitals and doctors in the area- It just so happens the Lions Paw Inn... which is in Seaview- was used as a much needed hospital in the 1930s.

Then in 1938- just a few miles south- the community purchased the land to build a hospital. The current hospital and clinic is on land directly north of this location- and the building is now a community center with the Library and PACE (meals on wheels). This building is undergoing a MAJOR renovation and we can't wait to see how it looks!

The current Ocean Beach Hospital has a spiffy and complete emergency room- some of you will remember last Dec. 07- when I had to get sutures.

I am going to do more historical research about the medical care of the late 1800s - 1930. Keep checking back for that post.