Fresh off the boat- CRAB!

Remember Ole Bob's in Ilwaco? (pronounced Oly Bob) see the link for the story of the name.

I blogged about Ole Bob's back in Feb 2005. They had an unusual crab- an Albino crab named 'Whitey'.

Since Ole Bob's is right at the Port of Ilwaco docks, and I knew they were open on a winter Monday.... I headed down to pick up some fresh crab. Better yet- I KNEW they would cook it fresh and clean it too- so the choice was super simple.

Tonight we had delicious fresh crab. That's pretty much all you need. Plus some fresh bread and a wedge of lettuce. Everyone is excited that the crabbers were able to go out on schedule. It was also a nice way to bring in the month of December and unpacking Christmas decorations.

The photo in the middle shows the holding tank... those babies were sleeping in the ocean in the morning.

I'm excited because crab cakes are next- and I really LOVE crab cakes.