Michael and Connie's Wedding Reception

We had a fabulous time at Hotel Sorrento in Seattle. Michael and Connie threw a very wonderful bash to celebrate their nuptials.

I am bummed that I have such a lack of camera ability with my little convenience Leica. You couldn't tell from my photos- but my gosh- as I told the hosts- "I could write an entire blog about the menu alone!".

None of my photos came out... the lighting was elegant- but the flash proved too harsh...and 'candlelight' setting too dim. Not to mention how hard it is to balance evening purse, wine glass, plate, etc... AND snap a photo.

Brett looked handsome and gosh darn- I didn't get a photo of us!- I didn't get a good photo of the Bride & Groom either!

The flowers were elegant and soooo stunning! Everything was perfection. We knew it would be a great event- when we received the invitations. You have never seen such incredible calligraphy!

All the details were amazing. How fun to be part of this evening. Weddings are wasted on the youth- by the time you get to be our age- you can both afford to do it right and you have the taste to know what 'right' means.

(hehe... little political humor too- since many of the guests were the elite of the right political scene in the state) We were honored to be counted among them.