Fires. Sad and Terrible.

My brother, Doug, called on Sunday afternoon. My heart sank as I heard the sad news that my sister-in-law's parent's home had a serious fire. Bonnie and Paul were not at home at the time- and the damage is extensive. They live down the road from my brother and his family. So sad to learn of the memories of childhood, keepsakes, old quilts (Bonnie makes the best quilts) and worst of all- Gail's childhood and wedding memories including her dress. I have yet to reach Doug back for more news- and imagine he is taking time off from work to help move what can be salvaged. So sad. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Early Monday morning- the entire beach community mourned as we learned of a terrible accident in neighboring Gearhart, Oregon. Seaview and Gearhart share a special bond. Their roots, the families and the historic homes. Seaview was founded by JL Stout who married a Gearhart daughter. Both communities were the summer homes of the wealthy Portlanders. A number of current locals have extended family and many friends living in both little villages.

Around 6:30am, a small aircraft crashed into one of these historic vacation homes. Two familes were just starting their 2 week vacation. 2 sisters with their families. The sister from Colorado- a doctor and her cardiologist husband- went for an early walk. Their 3 children still sleeping at home-along with the other sister and cousins. well- please follow this post to read the tragic story. 3 children perished- as did the pilot and passenger. Both beloved local businessmen. The children are the grandchildren of former Oregon Attorney General Lee Johnson.

We are in mourning for these families. A summertime beach vacation- ends so tragically with an unexplainable accident. (photo from The Daily Astorian)