Don't go there Mr. Kramer! Seaview cares about our Dune Wetlands!

Vancouver developer hit with stop-work order after riling Seaview
Tuesday, August 26, 2008

SEAVIEW - A Vancouver developer who last week purchased a 50 x 475 piece of property in the Seaview dunes has created quite a stir among nearby residents in the quiet neighborhood near 39th and K streets.

Richard Kramer began cutting trees on the property last week and brought in heavy equipment to clear a road for access to the land. The area is classified as a wetland and critical area. Residents in the area became alarmed when they found that the real estate transaction hadn't been completed before the work began. The sale was recorded Friday.

Pacific County Director of Community Development Mike Desimone said Monday that Kramer had not received any permits from the county to begin work on the property. "Our official position is he has no permits and can't do any work until he gets permits," he said. A county stop-work order was placed on the property last week.

The real estate firm that sold the property, listed at $30,000, to Kramer said they told him the lot was unbuildable and could only be used as a campsite.