Cougar sighting reported in Seaview!

SEAVIEW - At about 8 a.m., on Tuesday, June 17, at the back side of Aloha Court on Sandridge Road, a resident of the park saw a cougar trotting away with her 14-year-old cat in its mouth.

According to this woman, "It looked like a full-grown adult, was tawny gold in color and was a lean (not thin) animal."

Every observation should be called into the Washington State Department of Fish and Game, Dangerous Cougar/Bear Hotline at 800-477-6224 or to District Wildlife Biologist Max Zahn at 360-249-4628 ext. 247.

As a side note, some nearby residents have been feeding raccoons, which may be drawing the hungry cougar in. It is never a good idea to feed any wild animal, no matter how cute they may seem. {from the Chinook Observer alerts}