Progress on the Front Door

Remember the door we picked up in Portland? Here is that post.

A few weeks ago- Aura arrived home to find Brett had turned the living room into his workshop- sawdust flying everywhere. He made the door frame - inside the house- in the middle of the living room!-while I was out of town . (good thing- I would have freaked to see that mess on my white furniture) (Aura helped him remove the evidence.) When I got home- there was the door + frame propped in the living room. I looked around- and figured he had made it there (I know him.)- but didn't see a mess. Why else would that door be sitting inside?

Yesterday, Brett ripped out the old window, tore out the wall and installed the door. Now we need to find some molding for trim, re-key the locks and a few minor adjustments. We need to purchase a new doorbell too.

Can you visualize a porch roof and a bit grander of an entrance? We are making progress.