Restaurant Changes

2008 has brought some changes to the dining scene here at the beach. The much acclaimed The Ark Restaurant in Nahcotta had changed hands a few years prior- but this year- the new owners closed the doors. They put up a sign 'closed for winter'- but the locals knew better. We understand the new owners are enjoying the climate in Texas now. The December storm damaged the roof- and when you peer into the windows- you see the water damage among the old appliances and furniture.

If you close your eyes- you might imagine Jimella and Nanci moving about with busy (and full) tables. You can smell the garlic- and just taste the fresh entrees from the Willapa Bay. Today the scene is a desolate place.

Just a few blocks from our house- at The Shelburne Inn- Tony & Ann Kischner closed up their famous Shoalwater Restaurant (and Heron & Beaver Pub) after 28 years.

Even 'Nicks', the Tavern in Long Beach has boards on their windows.

But as spring will FINALLY arrive (soon we hope!).... there is new life coming.
1. Jimella has sandwiches and deli food at her Klipsan Beach- Jimella's Seafood Market and Community Store. You can still smell garlic! 2. Owners of The Shelburne Inn are taking back the Shoalwater Restaurant space and word has it- creating a lovely dining experience. You can find Tony & Ann over the Astoria Bridge at their new Bridgewater Bistro in the Red Loft Building. 3. Nick's has new owners- a couple (with one of them from Australia). They will call it 'The Other Roo'... or something like that. I met her at a meeting and we were all charmed by her energy. 4. Down at the Port of Ilwaco- Jeff (most recently at Moby Dick) has opened Pelicanos in the Shoalwater Art Gallery space overlooking the docks.

When the weather clears up- I will go on a photo safari to highlight the new restaurants. Stay tuned- this rain and snow can't last into May!