They are back!!!!! oh no! Crisis at the Koi Pond!

It has been about 5 years since we had Herons feeding from the pond. After the massive cedar tree died and we removed all but the stump. (Brett wants to carve some art in it.)

I wasn't blogging 5 years ago, but was into web cams. I should set up the cam you can watch the comedy as we try to scare away this Heron!

He is different from the Blue Heron (photo on right) years ago. That blue guy was MEAN, nasty and aggressive! He lunged at us and yelled at us when we came near.

This Heron is huge. He is not afraid of the normal Heron scaring tricks. See the alligator? He sits right beside it- like it is his new best friend forever! (BFF)

We are running around- looking for a sling shot, trying to fix Madison's pellet gun or find a paint ball gun...(wouldn't that make a mess?) We can't technically hurt him...and from my past experience with the Blue one- they can take a direct hit of 10 pounds of cement and not flinch! (sshh is that a felony?) (he was not harmed- darn!) I think the local law enforcement will have empathy.

Brett is currently back home from the office- stretching the deer netting out over the pond. It is time to get a BIG DOG! I have been agonizing over that decision- and the time has come. More on this adventure when I return from the day's meetings!

(nothing makes a girl feel better than a Heron mission- you can tell by my tone that I am getting my energy back!) We are taking up guard shifts!

(**note I have been corrected. This is indeed a Blue Heron. They look different...probably male/female.)