Sports Boosters Crab Feed

The NEVER MISS event- Ilwaco High School (home of the Fishermen) Sports Booster Club has a yearly crab feed. People arrive from hours away to feast on crab. The date changes according to the crab season. This year it was over President's weekend. I am amazed that people check the calendar and book hotel rooms around the crab feed. The line weaves out into the parking lot from 11am to 8pm.

The Elks Lodge is filled with tables covered in newspaper. You get a block of wood to 'crack' the crab. Be careful... crab juice squirts around the room! Safety glasses come in handy. Don't wear good clothes either! Sit at any community table.

The serious regulars- bring plastic bibs, rolls of paper towels and their own secret crab sauce. Wash it all down with a nice microbrew.