Doctor's orders- Spa Day

I am soooo excited! Wednesday- I am out- ALL DAY!
Brett gave me a wonderful gift of a full treatment day at the spa!

Here is the plan. I leave early enough to do a few errands in Astoria. Next I arrive at the Columbia River Day Spa.

**(update. I wrote that Tuesday night- today is Thursday morning. The experience mediocre. The first treatment- an Algea Body Wrap- was truly awesome. The day went downhill from there. Not to complain- and it may just be that my standards are a tad high... I sincerely love it that my dear husband gave me the gift of 'me time' at a spa in a Historical Building. But- and this is a big BUTT- it could have been so much more. The body treatment/massage gal was sweet. I liked her. My advice- go elsewhere. and for heavens sake- find an esthetician who will NOT spend the entire time trying to sell you product during your facial- with no neck, shoulder massage. I recommend you find Freda over at the Poshe Salon- SHE does a great facial!) I forgot to mention (vent) that don't believe their web site, photos, descriptions, prices. They even argued with me about that! As Brett said- "you went there to relax- and now you are all worked up!"

I did restrain from Blackberry checking all day. That was peaceful!
(ps. I copied that cute photo from the Daily Candy blog site)