February 5th is a SUPER DAY! Not because of the fate of elections- which seems rather depressing and decidedly unexpected... but because in 1954.. I was born. I am 54 years old on Super Tuesday- and I was born in 1954. That must mean it is going to be an EXTRA SUPER SPECIAL year for me!

How will I spend the day? I was successful at finding a volunteer to observe ballot processing at the Courthouse in South Bend (thank you Walt!) - so my time is my own to spend making cupcakes, treats and spending time with Aura and Brett... but most important- setting up an election/birthday party! From command central- (our living room)- we will be anxiously watching the outcomes of 24 states and trying to figure out what that means for our country's future. Who will get the nominations from the parties? We will be reading live blogs, web sites, twittering, texting, watching televised returns, flipping channels between Fox News and CNN. We will make and take phone calls, answer the door and greet our friends who have come to share our SUPER TUESDAY! You are invited too!
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