Paris heads back to college.

Aura drove little sister, Paris, to Portland and PDX. They spent the night at the Grandparents after seeing a movie and some final shopping. In the early morning, Paris flies back to the UP.

Christmas break at NMU is over soon and she has a research project to put a ton of hours into. She will be greated with snow and have to dig her car out of the driveway.

Indoor track season will start and a little snow won't slow her down from 6am workouts in the Dome.

It will be quiet around here after a busy Holiday season.

Paris will return in May for a few weeks before Aura heads off to Quantico -the first of June.

Here is a little 'pasty' with some Toivo and Eino's sauce. Yummm... we need some Verners to wash it down!