After last month's storm... we are a bit upset with the phone companies- land lines and cell providers. But considering it was a national emergency storm... the fact that we had no telephone(land line) or cell phone service for 3+ days... well, it was a catastrophic event... so we understood.

Today for ALL DAY- more than 8 hours so far...possibly over 12 hours... we have NO COMMUNICATION out of the area and into the area using land lines. But, EVEN the cell phones are affected! I can't call the office across the street, the home or anything but out of area- via my cell phone.

They say a fiber was cut- and qwest is repairing.. except CenturyTel and AT&T have told me that they are not getting responses back from QWEST about this. The 911 service is out... and over in Astoria, Oregon- their communication has the same problem. What gives?!

Internet is functioning- which is on long distance fibers..... so huh?
The fiber cut happened over in Kelso they say- but not confirmed is vandalism reports.
In a word- we need REDUNDANCY! Good grief! We pay $$$$ for these services vital to our public health, business economics, safety and communication. (We can't go back to letters- heaven knows how bad the local USPS is around here!) Redundancy is the word. I am seriously considering HAM radio now. Or a boat with a marine radio band. I could go high tech and buy a satellite phone!

I guess we should all take a chill pill- and go clam dig. There is a clam tide this weekend.
Nothing will soothe the savage breast like some razor clams.