First off- Dad - I know these are bad cell phone photos. Life happens and you don't always carry a camera.

Our cat, Calypso, has deer friends. The young ones like to check out the tents before any of our events. Here by the wood pile- Brett is watching a curious visitor who is investigating a few minutes before the cars start arriving.

We miss our friends in Seattle. The Pierce family kids are growing up fast. I stopped by in August and Evan showed off his fancy guitar that he is taking lessons on.

Astoria, Oregon has a Sunday farmers market thru Sept. One bright Sunday morning- Brett and I were delighted to stumble upon the Naselle Mirimba Band playing at the local Lutheran Church. Their music filled the streets. It reminded me of Doug and Gail's wedding.

Our surprise candidate, Gretchen Sagen, is a bundle of energy with tons of volunteers and activities.
She held a fundraiser at the Raymond VFW.